Gran Paradiso Ski-Tour – 6 Days

Gran Paradiso Ski-Tour – 6 Days
22 Aprile 2016 Alessandro

A great six days tour in the heart of Gran Paradiso

We started with unpredictable weather: the morning we left rif. Bezzi we had some fresh snow and low clouds but the “mood” of the group was high!!

From Monday weather started to improve and we had wonderful days with fresh snow to make our itinerary even nicer.

I can’t really say wich day was the best because every day was different: most of the time we were alone on the route and in the refuge and that made the trip more special.

The day on Gran Paradiso was for sure amazing: nice weather, not cold and few people around so we had the summit all for us.

I want to thanks all the people that works in the refuges because without them it would be an impossible tour!

And a big thanks to the “norvegian Guys”……Skål!!!


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  1. Bjørn 5 anni fa

    Thank You Alessandro for a magnificent 6 days.
    I would like to add that the tour would also be impossible without a skilled and fantastic guide!
    Bjørn, one of the Norwegian Guys. 

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