My story

Mountain guide in Valle d'Aosta

During my childhood, thanks to my parents, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the mountains. A place that I appreciated more and more as the years passed. I realized at the age of thirteen, when I started to spend my summer holidays in Valsavaranche accompanied by my local priest and friends from my parish, that my place would always be surrounded by this amazing scenery. From that moment onwards my mind was fixed on finding a way to realize my dream, to live and work amoung the peaks of the highest mountains in Europe. After receiving my high school diploma I decided to leave Milan and move to Valle d’Aosta to start my journey to become an Alpine Guide.

For me, being an Alpine Guide is not just a job it’s a way in which to help others to know and appreciate the beauty of the mountains in safety. My biggest passion, now, is to take people from all walks of life , based on individual fitness levels and experience, to try different activities in summer and winter.