Mountaineering | Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso is the only 4,000m summit entirely within Italy and gives it’s name to the beautiful national park that surrounds the peak.
The climb is a steady ascent, mostly on snow, with a few steeper sections as the glacier gains height.A long, steady snow climb to a scenic 4,000m summit. The route can be climbed throughout the season. Amazing views accompany you on this beautiful ascent.


2 days

Group of 5 people: 120€ each;
Group of 4 people: 140€ each;
Group of 3 people: 170€ each;
Group of 2 people: 230€ each;
1 only person: 400€.

Fitness Level

Not technically difficult. Good level of fitness required (7-9 hours walk).


Usually June to mid September.

N° Participants

Max. 5 per guide.


Harness / crampons / ice-axe (not mandatory) / high mountain attire.


Price includes: guide assistance and all materials of common use (rope, quickdraws…)
Not included: payment for refuge for clients and guide / rent of materials / meal…