Mountaineering | Tour M.te Rosa


Three days immersed in the Monte Rosa group of mountains will give you a great collection of “ 4,000m”.
Snow and ice under your feet, a bright blue sky overhead.
Try sleeping at the Capanna Margheita refuge which is the highest in all of Europe, situated on peak Gnifetti at 4559m

3 days
1000€ to be divided between participants.

Fitness Level

Not technically difficult. Good level of fitness required.


Usually mid June to mid September.

N° Participants

Max. 4 per guide.


Harness / crampons / ice-axe / high mountain attire.


Price includes: guide assistance and all materials of common use (rope, quickdraws, snap rings…)
Not included: transport costs / cable car / payment for refuge for clients and guide / rent of materials / meal…

1° Giorno

Meet up at Staffal, control equipment and ascend to Punta Indren (3300m) with the cable car. Ascent and descent at Punta Giordani (4046m) through the normal way. Stay at Città di Mantova refuge (3498m).

2° Giorno

Ascent to Punta Zumstein (4563m) and to Punta Gnifetti (4559m). Stay atCapanna Margherita refuge.

3° Giorno

Descend early in the morning to reach Punta Ludwigshohe 4342m, and afterCorno Nero 4322m, Balmenhorn 4167m, Piramide Vincent 4215m. Ending our tour at Città Mantova refuge.