Rock Climbing | Dolomiti

UNESCO World Heritage site
When you first lay your eyes on this sight you are immediately captured by its beauty. Mountains rise up like a cathedral of rock, full of rugged crags and breathtaking pinnacles.
Incomparable views, overshadowing rock faces which are made up of limestone, volcanic material and high quality Dolomite.
I will accompany you on some routes that have given many a climber a challenging yet rewarding experience.

3 or more days
300€ per day

Climbing Level

All levels, adapted to suit.


Usually June to September depending on weather conditions.

N° Participants

Max. 2 per guide.


Harness / helmet / climbing shoes / chalk / small rucksack.


Price includes assistance from an alpine guide and materials of common use (rope, quickdraws, snap rings…)
Not included: transport costs / payment for hotel or refuge / rent of materials / all meals.