Ski Touring | Tour Ecrins


Ski touring in Ecrins it’s something unusual that will give you a sesnsation of immensity. Far from every form of civilization, lost yourself in a landscape surrounded by mountains so near but so far that your eyes can only see them.

The itinerary are never common, a good mountain knowledge is request and an excellent fitnell level is compulsory.


4 days


Quotation available on request

Day 1

Meet-up , inspect all materials required and depart for Pont d’Arsine; with skies we’ll climb up the wide valley to reach Refuge de l’Alpe de Villar d’Arene 2077m. Height difference: up 400m.

Day 2

From Refuge de l’Alpe de Villar d’Arène we’ll have an early start, because the slope we have to climb is facing East so the sun will arrive very early. We’ll pass the Lac de l’Etoile to continue to Col d’Arsine; before we arrive to  the Col we’ll drift to Breche de la plate des Agneaux 3299m. Skies on the back pack and climb the ridge to the top of  Pic de Neige Cordier 3614m. Climb down on south-west ridge to reach Col Emile Pic 3483m; a short rappel and then will ski to Refuge des Ecrins 3175m. Height difference: up 1540m, down 450m.

Day 3

Left the refuge des Ecrins will climb Dome de Neige 4015m; descent to  Col de la Roche Faurio 3376m, descent along Glacier de la Roche Faurio to reach the altitude of  2500m where we’ll start to climb up again to reach the Refuge Adele Planchard 3169m. Height difference: up 1710m, down 1670m.


Day 4

From Refuge Adele Planchard we’ll climb La Grande Ruine 3765m, then we’ll descend along Plate des Agneaux to arrive to refuge de l’Alpe de Villar d’Arene and then to Pont d’Arsine where we started our tour. Height difference: up 600m, down 2100m.