Ski Touring | Tour Gran Paradiso


A splendid 5 day tour in one of the places I love the most.
Unique landscape, not frequented by many are the characteristics of this tour. The ascent to the summit of Gran Paradiso is definitely the “cherry on the cake”!


5 days


Quotation available on request

Day 1

Meet-up , inspect all materials required and depart for Val di Cogne-Valnontey. Ascent to Rif. Sella (2588m). Height difference: up 950m.

Day 2

Ascent along the Lauson glacier and Gran Val to arrive to the summit of Gran Sertz (3552m). Descent on the mountain side of Valsavarenche along the glacier of Timorion, crossing the glacier of Grand Neyron and ascend again to bivacco Sberna(3414m). Descent on the glacier of Montandaynè until we arrive at the Chabod refuge (2750m).
Height difference: up 1400 m, down 1200m.

Day 3

Ascent to Gran Paradiso (4061m) along the glacier of Laveciau.
Descent for the glacier of Gran Paradiso to arrive to Vittorio Emanuele refuge(2735m). Height difference: up 1400 m, down 1400m.





Day 4

From the refuge we ascend in the direction of the col of Gran Paradiso (3345m) once reached we ascend down the glacier of Noaschetta to finally arrive to the Ivrea bivouac(2770m). We ascend again this time the col of Becchi (2990m) and from there desend until we arrive to the Pontese refuge (2200m). Height difference: up 900m, down 1400m.

Day 5

From Pontese we ascend to the point of Ondezana (3492m), descend along the glacier of Teleccio until we arrive to the col of Teleccio (3304m). From there we go along the glacier of Valleille and continue down along Valeille until we arrive to Lillaz (1617m). Height difference: up 1500m, down 1500m.