Ski Touring | Tour nelle valli del Gran Paradiso


This tour will help you to discover the valleys of Gran Paradiso. It’s a point to point tour with restrained drops possible for every skier of average training. We will pass through four different valleys, starting from the wild Valgrisenche, then Val di Rhemes where wide glaciers will accompany us to Valsavarenche. Valsavarenche is the “heart” of the National Park of Gran Paradiso; there we will climb the only 4000m peak completely italian, Gran Paradiso. To end our tour we descend to Valle di Cogne, a charming and picturesque valley, kingdom of mountain goats and eagles.


5 or more days


Quotation available on request

1° Day

Meet-up , inspect all materials required and depart for Valgrisenche. We’ll start  following the summer road along the artificial lake till we reach the old abandoned village called Usellieres (1780m). From here the path starts to go up and the valley becomes gradually narrower till we arrive to Ref. Bezzi (2284m). Height difference: up 500 m but the journey it’s quite long (8/10 km circa)

2° Day

From Ref. Bezzi ascent to col Bassac Deré (3082m) passing just at the side of the big Glairetta glacier. We’ll take the skis off and we’ll climb Becca della Traversiere (3337m) using crampons. From the top we descend to Goletta glacier and ski down to arrive at Ref. Benevolo (2285m).

3° Day

From the refuge we’ll start to go up on a smooth slope to arrive to col Nivolettaz (3130m). From here, passing on a large ridge, we’ll reach Basei glacier and after a short climb we arrive to Punta Basei (3338m). Then we go back down to the glacier and ski down to Ref. Chivasso (2600m) where we’ll sleep.


4° Day

Leaving Ref. Chivasso we’ll ski the first part of “Plan del Nivolet”, we’ll put on our skins to reach Colle di Punta Foura (3100m). From here we have to ski 400m down to Gran Etret glacier to arrive at 2700m. We’ll put on skins again and start to go up towards Ref. Vittorio Emanuele passing at the base of  Becca di Montchair and Ciarforon. Once we reach the altitude of 2900m there is a fast descent to the refuge.

5° Day

From the refuge we’ll go up following the moraine to arrive to Gran Paradiso glacier (3100m). Steep and smooth sloops will alternate during the ascent till we reach “Schiena dell’Asino” at 3700m. We’ll pass col di Montcorve (3800m) and after a short steep slope we’ll arrive to the final rocks. We leave the skis and climb the last 80m on big rocks to arrive to the top where the statue Virgin Maria is placed. After few pictures and a well deserved congratulation we’ll go back down where we left our skis and we’ll start the long descent on the crevassed Laveciau glacier to Ref. Chabod (2750m).

6° Day

From the refuge we’ll go up to reach Montandayné glacier. “Bivacco Sberna” (3400m) is placed at the “colle Est del Grand Neyron”. Descending for the same itinerary to return to Ref. Chabod. From the refuge, wide slopes first and a beautiful larch wood after we’ll bring us at the parking where we’ll end our tour.