Ski Touring | Tour Velan-Combin

A beautiful tour, lasting 3 days, on the border between Italy and Switzerland.
Large glacier and wide open spaces makes it a perfect zone for touring.
For the “collectors” of 4000m there are : Gran Combin de Valsorey 4184m and Gran Combin de Grafeneire 4314m.


3 days


Quotation available on request

Day 1

Meet-up , inspect all materials required and depart for Bourg-St-Pierre.
Ascent to Mont Velan at 3734m with two different options: passing through Cab du Velan 2642 and then the mountain pass of Gouille at 3149m, otherwise we can go up through the Valsorey glacier.
Descent to Cab. du Velan to stay overnight. Height difference: up 2034 m, down 1100m.

Day 2

From Cab. du Velan we arrive to Cab. de Valsorey 3037m and from there to Plateau du Couloir 3630m.
We will take off our skies and climb to the top of Gran Combin de Valsorey 4184m; ten minutes walking and we will arrive to Gran Combin de Grafeneire 4314m. Descent the same route until we arrive to Col du Meitin 3611m and then ski for 9km along the glacier “Corbassiere” to reach Cab. du Panossiere 2645m. Height difference: up 1880 m, down 1800m.

Day 3

We go through the glacier de Corbassiere up to 3160m, where we start the route to Petit Combin 3671m and then Combin de Corbassiere 3715m.
Descent to Col de Panossiere 3458m and then pass the glacier de Boveyre to arrive to Bourg-St-Pierre. Height difference: up 1880 m, down 1800m.