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The original plan was to follow the “Mezzalama Route” from Cervinia to Gressoney and then go to Zermatt descending the Grenz glacier. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great with really bad forecast, snow and strong wind.

We decided to go the first two days in Val di Rhemes where we climbed “Punta Paletta” and “Calabre”. We didn’t have to much sun but some fresh snow on the slopes was a good surprise.

With the weather improving we moved to Monte Rosa where we had two wonderfull days above 4000m. Sun, blue sky and good snow with a unique panorama all around. We climbed Balmenhorn 4167m the first day, Punta Gnifetti “Capanna Margherita” 4554m the second. The surprise was to have the “sea of clouds” under us all the day; something incredible and not so common. In the afternnon after a nice pasta at “Gnifetti hut” we decided to descend to the Oreste Hutte because weather forecast were expecting snow and storm.  The Hut was very comfortable, warm and welcoming with a lovely dinner and breakfast. In the morning when we woke up the snow was falling copiously, the wind blowing strong and the visibility near zero so we decided to descend to the car where we had the surprize of 20cm of fresh snow all around on the 1st of May.

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