Mountaineering | M.te Rosa - Capanna Margherita


Experience high atitudes by trying the ascent to Capanna Regina Margherita on Punta Gnifetti 4,556m.
A magnificent hike that takes you along the glacier of Rosa, between crevasses and seracs, noting the formation of jagged shapes which are bridged by snow.
The landscape is without doubt unique and you can be fortunate enough to see the sunset on the Padan Plain, which is a major geographical feature of Italy.

2 days

500€ to be divided between participants.

Fitness Level

Not technically difficult. Good level of fitness required (7-9 hours walk)


Usually mid June to mid September.

N° Participants

Max. 5 per guide.


Harness / crampons / ice-axe (not mandatory) / high mountain attire.


Price includes: guide assistance and all materials of common use (rope, quickdraws..)
Not included: transport costs / cable car / payment for refuge for clients and guide / rent of materials / meal.